Tradition, simplicity, search for flavours.

 The aspects that guide us in the realization of our appetizers are once again rooted in the Cilento territory, from which we choose the best ingredients, products selected according to their freshness and seasonality.

 Everything is expertly worked by the expert hands of Vincenza, who gives life to dishes that reproduce the local classics with a look to the future.

 The result is represented by courses where the aesthetic element is the ideal completion of a process that has as its ultimate goal the rediscovery of flavours and tastes of a bygone time.

 In this way, a unique dish is born, tasty and genuine, with fresh vegetables strictly seasoned with the simple ingredients of the Cilento tradition.

In addition, the cured meats handcrafted and carefully chosen by small local producers are available.

 As well as dairy products, from morsels to ricottine, Farm Polito.

 All completed by one of the key ingredients of the Mediterranean diet: the extra virgin olive oil of the Paragano Farm.

 Below we see one of the proposals of Lamione, a vegetarian appetizer with fresh seasonal vegetables cooked with extra virgin olive oil: escarole with olives, pine nuts and capers; pumpkin with onion; turnip tops; cabbage with olives; eggplant mushroom; bay carrots; scapece zucchini; peppers.

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