The grilled meat is one of the specialities of the Lamione Restaurant, which offers its guests the best cuts from a local butcher.

 A short chain that is synonymous with certification of origin and high quality and freshness of the product brought to the table.

 Peculiarities that go alongside the fine cuts that make our grill a reference point in the territory.

 Among our proposals: Chianina, Cinta Senese fillet, Florentine, Chianina steak, leg of free-range grilled chicken, grilled barbecue.

 Among the cuts offered exclusively are the Chianina, obtained from the homonymous native breed of central Italy, some areas of Umbria and especially Tuscany, with the Val di Chiana that gives its name.

We are talking about very large cattle, with males that can weigh up to 1,700 kg and females up to 1,100.

Precisely the not particularly large size and the tenderness of the meat means that the finest cuts are obtained from the female.

Today, Chianina is certified and guaranteed by the PGI of the White Beef of the Central Apennines, a process aimed at ensuring the high quality of the product.

It is also protected by the affixing of the “5R” mark (the five Italian breeds), a quality mark managed by the Beef and Veal Producers Consortium of the Italian breeds.

 Chianina provides lean meat, with a protein content of more than 20%, with cholesterol of less than 50 mg per kilogram, a drop in fresh less than 3% and a drop in cooked less than 35%, with a degree of hardness very contained both raw and cooked.

 The ratio of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids to more than 1, a very important factor for the prevention of cardiovascular disease, makes it lean and digestible among European beef, similar to white meat and fish.

The “cult” product obtained from Chianina is the so-called Florentine steak, a particularly valuable cut of meat, which can only be obtained from this breed. It’s derived from the loin, it has the “T” -shaped bone in the middle, with fillet on one side and sirloin on the other.

 However, the high quality is not only found in the cuts of meat, because to perfectly grill an excellent product we use excellent charcoal, the best charcoal available on the market, which we buy from Calabria Carbone.

 At the base of this coal, there is a production process remained almost unchanged since the Phoenician era, with a technique handed down orally to the present day. The holm oak and beech, obtained from the same woods of Calabria, gives the product unmatched quality and durability.

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