Among the Italian traditions, par excellence, homemade pasta is one of the symbols of the old boot, a witness over the years of our history and our culture.

Homemade pasta is synonymous with Sunday lunches, it brings to mind the scent of sauce, family conversations, the joy of being together.

The same atmosphere that we want to offer you again at Lamione, where our chef Vincenza personally takes care of every step of the dish, from the dough to the creation of the different formats, from the preparation of sauces to serving.

The result is a concentration of flavours and smells, where excellence is also pursued through the combination of the type of fusilli, bark and ravioli with their par excellence condiments.

The “fusilli Cilentani” are part of the history of the Vincenza family, a simple dish with an unmistakable taste, a witness par excellence of our land.

The “spaghetti alla Dorotea” blend strong flavours and high-quality products from areas of origin that are also very distant from each other. A perfect marriage, with spaghetti that are embellished with tomato sauce, bacon, Bronte pistachio pesto and Brie cheese.

The barks, handmade pasta to make the encounter with the sauce particular, are proposed here in the “brutazza” version, with tomato sauce, bacon, aubergines and fresh provolone.

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