To start off…

Tagliere PDO cilentano:
€ 20,00 for 2
€ 40,00 for 4
Selection of DOP Cilento cured meats with buffalo cheeses and morsels

Cheese tagliere: €12.00

Contadino: € 12,00
Mixed vegetables of the season

Vegano: € 14,00
Mixed vegetables of the season, legumes, vegan hamburger or sausage

Classico: € 10,00
IGP dry cured ham, PDO mozzarella bocconcini

Fritto misto: € 8,00
Arancini, arancini with ragu, potato croquettes

Bocconcino bufala PDO: € 1,00

If you love pasta…

Fusilli al ragù cilentano: € 10,00
Hand-made pasta, meat sauce in our traditional way

Cavatelli cilentani al tegamino: € 9,00
Hand-quarried pasta, tomatoes, cheese, PDO bufala

Ravioli with PDO bufala ricotta and porcini mushrooms: € 12,00

Dorotea spaghetti: € 11,00
Tomato sauce, bacon, brie and Bronte pistachio pesto

Corteccia alla brutazza: € 9,00
Cherry tomatoes pulp, aubergine chunks, bacon and fresh provola cheese

Cavatello montanaro: € 12,00
Cavatello with porcini mushrooms, sausage and saffron

Ravioli cheese and pepper Dorotea style: € 13,00

Gluten-free and vegetarian pasta option.


Fiorentina from Chianina IGP: € 4,70 per 100 grams

The history of the Fiorentina is at least as old as the city from which it takes its name and its traces are lost back in time. However, its tradition, celebrity and name can be traced back to the celebration of the feast of San Lorenzo and the Medici family. Its taste is unmistakable, its tenderness irresistible.

IGP Chianina Ribe eye steak: € 3,00 per 100 grams
The meat certified I.G.P. “Vitellone Bianco dell’Appennino Centrale”, thanks to the rigorous controls and feeding, according to the old tradition, stand out for taste, tenderness and low cholesterol content.

Tomahawk Aberdeen Black Angus Scotland: € 4,80 per 100 grams
It takes its name from the ax that Native Americans used to fight. The Angus is a breed introduced in northeastern Scotland in the early nineteenth century, when more robust cattle were selected. The peculiarity of its meat is in the strong and aromatic taste also due to the diet based on herbs and forage.

IGP Chianina Entrecôte: € 22,00

IGP Chianina Cut of meat, rocket and grana padano cheese: € 15,00
Chianina seared on the grill and seasoned with rocket, grana padano cheese and balsamic vinegar.

IGP Chianina Cut of meat with porcini mushrooms: € 17,00
Grilled Chianina seasoned with porcini mushrooms

Chianina Hamburger and French fries: € 9,00

IGP Cinta Senese Filet in forca: € 13,00
Medallions of pork fillet grilled

PDO Cinta Senese Sausage: € 12,00

Local Sausage: € 10,00

Mixed grilled: € 17,00
Veal, pork, sausage and chicken.

Grilled leg of chicken: € 11,00

Sandwiches and Panuozzi

Chianina burger: € 10,00
Hamburger di Chianina IGP, chipslettuce, cheese, ketchup and mayonnaise.

Bacon burger: € 11,00
Burgers, bacon, cheese, lettuce, chips.

Delicious: € 12,00
Pulled pork, fried egg, provolone, lettuce, mayonnaise.

Atomic: € 13,00
Chianina Hamburger IGP, pulled pork, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cheese.

Americano: € 10,00
Pulled pork, french fries, cheese, ketchup and mayonnaise

Egg burger: € 13,00
Chianina Hamburger IGP, bull’s-eye egg, bacon, lettuce, chips, mayonnaise.

Panuozzo Chianina: € 10,00
Chianina Hamburger IGP, cheese, french friessalad, marinated onion, cherry tomatoes, burger sauce and barbecue sauce.

Panuozzo with Cinta Senese sausage: € 10,00
Cinta Senese sausage, smoked provola, salad, marinated onion, cherry tomatoes, french fries, burger sauce and barbecue sauce

Panuozzo with porchetta: € 10,00
Porchetta, chips, smoked provola, mayonnaise.

Panuozzo of your choice: form € 8,00

Side dishes

French fries: € 3,50

Crunchy petals fries: € 4,50

Green or mixed salad: € 4,00

Mixed vegetables: € 7,00

Vegetables: € 5,00

The pizzeria

Pizzeria Agropoli estate 2018

The dough is made of stone-ground flours and self-produced sourdough.
All the pizzas are seasoned with bufala mozzarella DOP and EVO oil.

Fornarina: € 3,00

Cilentana: € 6,00
Cooked tomato fillet and goat cheese.

Napoletana: € 4,00
Tomato, garlic and oregano.

Marinara: € 5,00
Tomato, anchovies, black olives, capers, garlic and oregano.

Margherita: € 5,00
PDO bufala mozzarella and tomato.

Bianca con prosciutto: € 6,00
DOP bufala mozzarella and ham.

Ortolana: € 6,50
PDO bufala mozzarella, courgettes, aubergines and peppers

Capricciosa: € 7,00
DOP bufala mozzarella, tomato, artichokes, mushrooms, black olives and cooked ham.

Caprese: € 7,00
DOP bufala mozzarella, fresh cherry tomatoes and basil.

Diavola: € 6,00
DOP bufala mozzarella, tomatoes and spicy salami.

Bianka: € 6,00
PDO bufala mozzarella, provola and bacon.

Patatine e würstel: € 6,00
DOP buffalo mozzarella, tomato, French fries and sausages.

Rucola e grana: € 6,00
DOP buffalo mozzarella, rocket and grana padano cheese.

4 stagioni: € 7,00
DOP buffalo mozzarella, tomato, artichokes, mushrooms, olives, anchovies and cooked ham.

4 formaggi: € 7,00
Mixed of four famous cheeses: Bufalo mozzarella PDO, provola, emmental and gorgonzola.

Boscaiola: € 6,00
DOP bufala mozzarella, tomato, mushrooms and cooked ham.

Onion and tuna: € 6,00
PDO bufalo mozzarella, tuna and onion.

Vulcano: € 7,00
PDO buffalo mozzarella, tomato, dry cured ham and a bocconcino.

Tirolese: € 7,00
Bufala PDO mozzarella, speck and flakes of grana padano cheese.

Calzone ripieno: € 8,00
Ingredients of your choice.

Stella: € 8,00
Tips filled with PDO bufala mozzarella, ricotta cheese and spicy salami. Eggplant, zucchini and peppers in the middle.

Vesuvio: € 8,00
Crust stuffed with ricotta. In the center, tomato and bufala mozzarella PDO.

Saracena: € 7,00
Tomato, PDO buffalo mozzarella, spicy salami and fried egg.

Sfiziosa: € 8,00
Bufala mozzarella PDO, tomato, asparagus, sausage, porcini mushrooms and pecorino cheese.

Deliziosa: € 7,00
Bufala mozzarella PDO, provolone, bacon and artichokes.

Estate: € 7,00
Bufala mozzarella PDO, mixed salad and raw cherry tomatoes.

Contadina: € 7,00
PDO bufala mozzarella, provolone, pumpkin and black olives.

Dorotea: € 8,00
Half-stuffed with ricotta, PDO buffalo mozzarella, spicy salami and surprise flavours.

Maihrj: € 7,00
PDO bufala mozzarella, boiled potatoes and bacon.

Lamione: € 8,00
DOP bufala mozzarella, porcini mushrooms, boiled potatoes and sausage.

Golosona: € 7,00
DOP bufala mozzarella, bacon, provola and chickpeas.

Emma: € 7,00
DOP bufala mozzarella, tomato, porcini mushrooms and speck.

Bolognese: € 8,00
DOP bufala mozzarella, PGI mortadella and Bronte pistachio.

Trevisana: € 7,00
DOP bufala mozzarella, radicchio, walnuts, speck with strips and grana padano cheese.

Porchettona: € 8,00
DOP bufala mozzarella, porchetta, chips, truffle cheese sauce.

Tartufona: € 8,00
DOP bufala mozzarella, porcini mushrooms and truffles.

Mediterranea: € 6,00
Fresh cooked cherry tomatoes, anchovies, olives, capers, garlic, oregano

All the pizzas are seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and made with buffalo mozzarella DOP.

The availability of pizzas may vary depending on the seasonality of the products as all raw materials are used fresh.

For those with a sweet tooth

Dessert: € 5,00


Mineral water: € 1,00

Natural water: € 1,00

Ferrarelle water: € 2,50

Natia water: € 2,50

Coca Cola 1 L.: € 4,50

Glass Coca Cola 33 cl.: € 2,50

Glass Coca Cola Zero 33 cl.: € 2,50

Glass Fanta 33 cl.: € 2,50

Glass Sprite 33 cl.: € 2,50

Nastro Azzurro 66 cl.: € 4,00

Warsteiner 66 cl.: € 4,50

Beer Messina in bottle 50 cl: € 4,50

Red House wine 0,50 Lt.: € 4,50

Red house wine 1 Lt.: € 8,00

Digestif: limoncello, meloncello, Fennel liqueur: € 2,00

Coffee: € 1,00

Cover: € 2,00

Allergen information
EC Regulation 1169/2011

Dear customer,
If you have any food allergies and/or intolerances please ask about our food and drinks. We are prepared to advise you in the best way.
In compliance with the provisions of European Regulation n. 1169/2011, but above all in order to ensure the protection of our customers, please note that the courses as indicated in the menu may contain traces of allergens, where “may contain” means that “it is not possible to exclude the presence of…” in accordance with normal preparation procedures.
For preparing our dishes, we use ingredients purchased from time to time fresh local and quality, checking their traceability.
In case of frozen ingredients, they are clearly indicated in the menu with the symbol “*” asterisk and in any case always communicated by our staff.
To avoid unpleasant inconveniences, please inform the staff, which has been properly trained, of any intolerances and/ or allergies to food and drinks, so as to serve you at best.
The table lists the dishes offered in the menu that contain allergens.

Regulation EC 1169/2011

The foods and drinks offered IN THIS EXERCISE are produced in laboratories and administered in rooms using and serving products containing the following allergens:

• CEREALS containing gluten
• CRUSTACEANS and products thereof
• PEANUTS and peanut products
• SOYA and soya products
• LUPINS and lupin products
• EGGS and egg products
• FISH and fish products
• MILK and milk-based products (including lactose)
• NUTS: almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts
• CELERY and products thereof
• SESAME SEEDS and products thereof
• MOLLUSCS and mollusc products
Therefore cross-contamination cannot be excluded

Dear Customer,
If you suffer from food allergies or intolerances, report it to our staff, who will be able to avoid foods that contain products to which you are allergic or intolerant.

The Direction

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